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Name G.J. Dettore
Date 2017-12-26 02:28:32

Good to see the appreciation for the 321st GFA.

Name shannon slayter
Date 2017-07-22 19:16:11

my grand father was a. member. of the 321st gliders

Name richard palusak
Date 2012-12-18 03:17:42

my father Lou Palusak was with the 321st. He was wounded in Bastogne. He recently passed in Jan of 2012 at age 90.

Name John M Hopkins
Date 2012-07-12 10:51:46

Born in Mpls, MN currently living in Poland.
Father: Pfc John Basil Hopkins, died 15 Feb 64.
Received his WD AGO 55-33 yesterday:
At separation, 04 Oct 45, last unit "Batry A, 321st FA BN".
His 55-33 shows service in Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Rheinland, Ardennes, Central Europe. service outside CONUS:
29 Apr 43 - 11 May 43, NATO
08 Jul 43 - 10 Jul 43, MTO
23 Oct 43 - 05 Nov 43, ETO
16 Sep 45 - 27 Sep 45, ETO
I've been to Normandie/Contentine last year, heading back as soon as I can (this season still?); want to try to tace his footsteps on motorcycle.
Looking for info, contacts, research pointers (where to start?)...pretty much anything right now.
thanks for any help,

Name Jim Fitzpatrick
Date 2012-03-04 00:09:09

Looking for infomation pics of the 321st GFA B Bat. My Dad William Fitzpatrick 1st Lt. was wounded in Operation Market Garden and was at Bastone. Thank You.

Name toon van Hout
Date 2012-01-24 15:57:19

this is esspecially for my friend Ray Nagell who will celebrate his 90th birthday on february 9 2012 .Thanks for our freedom

and ray i hope you will recover soon

Name linda hartley
Date 2009-12-02 18:41:11

I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father, Vance Hartley. He was in the 321st A Battery. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Linda Hartley

This is a great website! Keep up the great work.

Name Richard Sauerheber
Date 2009-05-28 23:44:35

So far I appreciate the website being formed for the 321st. My uncle, Victor Sauerheber, was a radioman in the 321st who survived action from Carentan, France to Bastogne, Belgium and to Landsberg, Germany. He recently passed away and I am still interested in reading all the details I can find on the actions of his unit.
Thanks much, Richard Sauerheber

Name Terry Thomas
Date 2008-07-14 01:56:36

Thank God for the men who served and for the people that help to make the history available to others.
I am looking for information on the 101st, 321 GFAB, A Batt. Especially a listing of the men. Does anyone have this that they would be willing to share? Please email to Terry at Thank-you!!

Name Andrew Oglesby
Date 2008-02-15 18:52:56

I too was lucky enough to meet Ray Nagell at Bastogne in December 2007. Fantastic to see a website set up for the 321st FAB. I will watch with interest as the site is built.
Thanks again and good luck.

Name Betty Taylor Hill
Date 2007-12-19 17:10:21

Way to go Flip!! Off to a great start. A desereving group, You do them proud. I look forward to all the information that you post.
Good Luck!

Name Reg Jans
Date 2007-12-19 12:28:12

Good Job , Filip !
Give the artillery men what they deserve .
Will keep supporting this site as much as I can !

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